John, fondly known in the music world as Akillezz, was exposed to music through the walls of his pregnant mother’s stomach while she ran her Queens based nightclub. Akillezz attended school in a rural area that separated him from street music.

In spite of this, Akillezz felt a strong desire to express his thoughts and experiences through poetry and urban music. As an elementary school student, Akillezz mastered the complexity of using words to transform the minds of others through poetry. Akillezz’s elementary school teacher described watching the unusually focused seven year old write a poem infused with untaught metaphors, similes, and poetic devices. The praise received by the otherwise struggling student incited a love for words.

When Akillezz was introduced to rap music at the young age of eight, he felt and immediate impulse to decide he wanted to become a rapper. In response, Akillezz’s parents banned rap and hip-hop music in an effort to control their son’s musical influences. Akillezz wrote and performed raps that were filled with vulgarity to his mother, who agreed to allow him to listen to music of his choice as long as he continued to exercise his lyrical ability.

Akillezz has described his talent as, “…a disease, it is a weakness that my addictive personality automatically succumbs to. I see a blank page and my impulse commands me to fill its emptiness, all of it.” It now seems that Akillezz’s efforts to defend the music he has grown to love have begun to pay off. Amalgamating creative forces with John “Jayd” Daniels, CEO of Blockboyz Ent, Akillezz is now near the completion of his freshman album, the title still remains undisclosed to the public. When we asked him about his working relationship with Daniels, he responded without hesitation,“I love Jayd. He’s like an older brother to me.”

The world should brace itself for a talented and driven young man with a lot of knowledge to share and unwavering determination to make it to the top.

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