Ed Lover is synonymous with entertainment. James Roberts, better known as Ed Lover, is a rapper, actor, musician, comedian, radio personality, and former MTV VJ.

Before reaching his fame on MTV, Ed Lover was part of an eccentric and deliberately enigmatic hip-hop collective called No Face. In 1990 No Face released their album Wake Your Daughter Up on their self-titled label that was an imprint of Def Jam Records. Wake your daughter up had two successful singles “Fake-Hair Wearin Bitch” and “Half”. Half was an instant success for Ed Lover and No Face. However, Ed had bigger plans for himself and his future in entertainment.

After leaving No Face Ed Lover partnered up with Doctor Dre and embarked on a co-hosting opportunity on MTV’s Yo! MTV Raps which later became a mainstream platform for Rap Music Videos in the 90’s.

The Ed & Dre alliance lead to hosting nationally syndicated The Morning Show with Ed, Lisa, and Dre on New York radio station Hot 97. Ed & Dre added acting to their list of talents by starring in New Line Cinema’s Who’s the Man. Who’s the Man was largely successful and the duo continued to release music, act and perform for well over a decade.

Today, Ed lover continues to impact all forms of entertainment from television to film, music to Internet. He’s appeared on VH1’s 100 greatest One Hit Wonders, HBO’s KO Nation, Hip Hop Hold’Em not to mention his monthly stand up comedy show at the world famous New York City Caroline’s comedy club “Ed Lover & Friends”. Currently Ed Lover hosts Sirius Radio’s Backspin where he plays a slew of old school Hip/Hop & R&B.

Ed says “ Just being me and my belief in God is what has gotten me this far.” It’s not easy being or staying relevant in this business, you have to learn to reinvent yourself and reinvent himself he has.

Ed has permeated pop culture and the world with his hilarious web series C’mon Son that pokes fun at celebrities, pop culture, politics and the world. C’mon Son has over 5 million Youtube views, a Facebook fan page with over 150,00 subscribers and roughly 200,000 following on Twitter. It can currently be seen on TV with a spot on BET 106 & Park. The BET relationship exposes Ed to a whole new demographic adding a younger generation of fans and brand. Ed’s love for entertainment and radio has lead to him successfully host shows on all three major stations in New York City Hot 97, 105.1 and 98.7 Kiss FM . Recently inducted in to the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Ed Lover has been and continues to be an iconic figure in the world of entertainment.

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